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Funny Videos Clip – Having fun and being happy is the right of every individual. Sadness, tensions, and problems occur in everyone’s life but it should not take...Read more

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Agar Hasnay Ka Mood Hai Tou Ye Dekheay
In this funny videos clip I enjoyed many funny clips which I like most. The whole portal of funny videos is best where you can enjoy in your free time.
ahmad, lhrThursday, July 28 2016
Hahaha... Enjoy This Funny Video
Lol! When I share this funny video with my friends, my all the friends gave the lovely remarks. All the other funny videos on this portal are also funny.
parveen, multanWednesday, July 27 2016
Maza Agaya Charlie Chaplin Ki Ye Video Dekh Kai
Charlie Chaplin was a great legend comedian, I watch various short clip videos but this new one is so funny which I like most.
kaleem, multanMonday, July 25 2016
Hahaha... Maza Aagya Ye Video Dekh Kai
Hahaha...Such a funny video, the guy do such a nice trick. He put on Egg in the hand of the sleeping person. I will also do with my friend.
zia, khiFriday, July 22 2016
Hahaha... Watch If You Want to Laugh
very nice
jahanzaib, abu dhabiThursday, July 21 2016
Have You Ever Experienced This? (Must Watch)
Hahaha… This video by Karachi vynz going viral in Social media because it based on reality. Usually it is happen when you need some thing urgently.
Luqman, khiWednesday, July 20 2016
Foreigners Vs Desis While Crossing Road
I watch the video of 'Foreigners vs Desis while crossing the road'. This video is so funny which I really enjoy because usually desi guys cross the road in the same way.
kamran, khiMonday, July 18 2016
Hahaha... Maza Aagya Ye Video Dekh Kai
Lol! You cannot hide any thing with your mother, mom knows every thing. This funny video will make you laugh, I also laugh loudly when I watch it.
laiba, khiSaturday, July 16 2016
Hahaha... Enjoy This Video
khushi, jahanianThursday, July 14 2016
Hahaha... Watch If You Want to Laugh
In the childhood I also did this sorts of activities with my friends and class fellows. Some I memorize when I watch this funny video.
wahab, khiWednesday, July 13 2016

Funny Videos Clip – Having fun and being happy is the right of every individual. Sadness, tensions, and problems occur in everyone’s life but it should not take away the moments of laughter and fun away from you. Fun and happiness is the rejoicing factors that make your life worth living. Mixture of emotions gives you courage to face the challenges. In this modern era of technology when everything is available on your finger tips, you can catch funny video clips online anytime through your smart phone or laptop. Life is colorless without the element of fun. Make your surrounding lively by subscribing to some new and refreshing funny videos that can bring back smile on your face.

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