Saeed Ajmal Funny interview

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Funny Mushaira
Funny Mushaira


bacha abhy kcha hy....

Saeed - pano akil 04 Mar, 2012

I can't give any comments, because my English is not up to the mark too.

Naeem.ur.Rehman - Lahore 09 Feb, 2012

english media and indian media both are stupid.they want to destroy our cricket.saeed ajmal is a littlebit crazy. he could not understand the question of that stupid who asked that question. thank you for taking my comments. saeed ajmal isa very good bowler . as a good pakistani nation we all of us proud at him.

mehfooz - multan 08 Feb, 2012

there was nothing so funny in the interview as English is not our mother language so its all right if he talked like that
come on guys we are Pakistan and we should proud of our language Urdu
what wold u says guys

bilal sethi - dubai 08 Feb, 2012

bacha hai seik jahy ga

sunny rulx - islambad 08 Feb, 2012