Shah Cattle Farm 2015 Cow Mandi


Comments on Shah Cattle Farm 2015 Cow Mandi

I do not like these animal catwalks that are done by all those cattle farm people. Its look like pathetic.

Asma - Karachi 29 Aug, 2015

Are you sure this is Dilpasand Cattle Farm i am asking this question because i could not see the tag or banner of Dilpasand Cattle Farm anywhere.

Asif - khi 26 Aug, 2015

Can somebody tell me where this Dilpasand Cattle Farm situated in Karachi i want to visit their farm and I will make pictures with them... I Visit Cow Mandi of Sohrab Goth but there was no Dilpasand Cattle Farm tent settled

Imran - Karachi 18 Sep, 2014

In the last year there is no any famous animal in the farm of dilpasand cattle farm but all were so beautiful. I am waiting for this year.

fatima - khi 25 Aug, 2014

Dilpasand cattle farm is the number farm of animals for the purpose of sacrifice. The animals of this farm is not much heavy but very beautiful.

usman - karachi 21 Aug, 2014