Made in Pakistan (Gas Fan)

saima30 Jun 09, 2011 8897 Views

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Made in Pakistan (Gas Fan)
Watch video of Made in Pakistan (Gas Fan) submitted by saima30 on Jun 09, 2011. This video of Made in Pakistan (Gas Fan) has total 8897 (eight thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven) Views on Made in Pakistan (Gas Fan).


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We Won't Give It Back

By shan On 23 Jul, 2015 form lahore

waheed babar is not inverter of gas fan abdulhameed brother of waheed babar is making gas fan since1979 with his ustad at dil muhammad road. abdul hameed and his ustad copy a german fan which a customer come to ustad jee for repair in 1989 abdulhamed jion govt job .now a days he also making gas fan waheed baber learn from abdul hameed

We Won't Give It Back

By Paa G.... On 10 Jun, 2011 form Lahore

This is Pakistani Real Talent... I love to see this Video.. God Bless Pakistan....

We Won't Give It Back

By abc On 10 Jun, 2011 form abc

wa wa wa kaya baat hai pakistani ki

We Won't Give It Back

By Ghulam Abbas On 10 Jun, 2011 form Gujranwala

No doubt this is a unique production of this era. People can avail facility during non availability/failure of electricity. Producer must try to produce other products which can be operated without electricity. It is also pertinent to mention that in future gas would not be availble too. So they must try with alternate energy, like solor, wind, biogas, waste to enegy etc.

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