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Pakistani Aunty Ka Jugaad

By Khalidashraf On Friday, July 01 2016 From Sargodha

Very well this side

Is banday ki General Knowledge Dekh k ap heran hojayainge

By Shahid On Tuesday, October 27 2015 From Riyadh

This is not general knowledge... Many things are historically incorrect. In Hazrat Noah (A.S) ship there were around 80 people not just 5 but its said that Hazrat Noah A.S family survived, others died of some disease after the rain and floods was over so all humanity is today is siblings of three sons of Hazrat Noah A.S. No proof of Pathan origin given.. He mixed time of Hazrat Musa(A.S) and Bakht Nasr. Bakht Nasr time even long after Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S). Bani Israel migrated from egypt to Kanaan (Palestine)... He doesn,t even know that palestine and Kanaan are same places...

Made in Pakistan (Gas Fan)

By shan On Thursday, July 23 2015 From lahore

waheed babar is not inverter of gas fan abdulhameed brother of waheed babar is making gas fan since1979 with his ustad at dil muhammad road. abdul hameed and his ustad copy a german fan which a customer come to ustad jee for repair in 1989 abdulhamed jion govt job .now a days he also making gas fan waheed baber learn from abdul hameed

A Talent Worth Watching

By zuhaib On Wednesday, July 08 2015 From khi

Such a nice sound of music which this guy produce with the help of spoons, i also eager to learn how to play piano with songs. I play drum very good, I participate in the school.