Funny Qasai - Cow Qurbani On Bakra Eid Funny Clip

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I really like any type of funny videos I have many funny videos in my mobile and many time I watche this videos and this video of butcher is very funny

shaina - karachi 15 Sep, 2016

I really like the funny butcher videos this is causing to put the smile on any body’s face when I saw this video I am very laughed on the butcher

saira - lahore 06 Sep, 2016

this is a very funny video I really like this jokes Qasai looks very funny getup and his language and talking are too much funny he is old and jolly man

Abdul - Karachi 04 Sep, 2016

I have seen this video before on Facebook and it’s really funny please upload more collections of Bakra Eid videos there

Adil - Karachi 30 Aug, 2016

What an amazing video I can’t stop laughing after seen this video please upload these types of videos more on this page who laugh us

Yahya - Karachi 28 Aug, 2016

These Qurbani clips are funny and I wish that I can see such type Qurbani Funny Videos here on this platform.

Sonia - London 15 Sep, 2015

This video take much time to load, I thing there is some error in this video which I feel. I like all the images and other video of qurbani 2015 in this site which make my mind to visit in the mandi. I will soon go mandi to see animals.

farooq - khi 09 Sep, 2015

The video is not playing please do something and remove the error as soon as possible, i have one funny qasai video in my mobile please give me your email adress so that i can send you and you can also replace my video.

Taha - Khi 09 Sep, 2015

Kindly include some more funny clips regarding the bakra eid. Last year Haneef Raja did a very funny drama which I watch I thought in Metro one news channel, many of the butchers are inexperience they also very funny.

shauqat - khi 08 Sep, 2015

I know it is a funny video of butchers but in the eid I also see some funny qasai in our area which don’t have any idea how to control the animal and where is the direction of Qibla but they want to sacrifice.

masood - khi 06 Sep, 2015

there is some error in this video, kindly reload this video because I like this video which I watch in the last year. I think this is the clip of famous Tv program which many peoples like to watch in eid.

abdul rafi - khi 06 Sep, 2015

please add more funny bakra eid videos and images i need jokes and punch lines for my project in school. I am danish i need help for my project my project is based on bakra eid funny happenings

Danish - khi 05 Sep, 2015

oops! There is some issue in the streaming of this video so kindly include this video once gain in this site because I want to watch the funny clips, last year Hanif Raja also made the program like this which I like.

abdullah - khi 28 Aug, 2015

not funny qasai its stupid qasai

noman - islamabad 27 Aug, 2015

wow wonderfull :-D

maria - karachi 06 Oct, 2014

I can not hold my laugh after seeing this Funny Qasai video i watched it many times and the laughter is stay same each time i laugh aloud.

Homon - Karachi 02 Oct, 2014

I am trying to run this video but all the time it gives error of flash player i search on internet and i found that its my browser problem

RS - Karachi 01 Oct, 2014

How can i download this video in my mobile phone i want this funny qasai video to be download in mobile .. help me

Ifra - Karachi 30 Sep, 2014

This cow is very smart we have had experienced this moment last year

Anna - Karachi 29 Sep, 2014

there was nothing soo funny in this Funny Qasai video i do not know why people liking it too much it was bakwas for mee you should not have to do with an animal like that ... being human

Salman - Karachi 27 Sep, 2014

We bought our cow and its cost is 180000 i think we have to hire an experienced qasai other wise in next year my cow video would replace this funny qasai video.

Khan Ali - Delhi 26 Sep, 2014

This video of Funny Qasai should be in HD quality anyways it is better but not very interesting

Haris - Karachi 25 Sep, 2014

The idea of this program is really appreciate, i give the credit to the team of chup chupa kai but this time i want some different from this video.

kami - khi 24 Sep, 2014

Hahah i am laughing after an hour seeing this Funny Qasai video please share this video as much as possible very nice video

Sukirti - Delhi 24 Sep, 2014

hahah very funny video and very Funny Qasai... he should come in politics because all our politicians are funny also

Taj - Karachi 23 Sep, 2014

This is very old video of Funny Qasai but nice one now a days we just see morning shows and talk shows on TV this type of shows are missing now.

Tahir - Karachi 22 Sep, 2014

Very nice video, the team of chup chupa kai make a very different program from the other channels. I missed this episode.

hamid - khi 20 Sep, 2014

I like they have very nice stuff i was searching images and videos of Funny Qasai
and the best one i found was on hamariweb. Hats off for the team they have ... God Bless them all

Arshad - Karachi 20 Sep, 2014

I have no words to Comments on Funny Qasai video i am laughing badly and rolling on the floor after watching this very funny Bakra Eid video i have shared this video i like it very much... do add more like same

Rehan - Karachi 19 Sep, 2014

Please upload more funny cow mandi videos i like videos, i dowloand them and upload them on my own facebook fan page please upload more Funny cow videos like this video Funny Qasai. I will buy a cow then upload my own cow funny videos

Ashraf - Karachi 17 Sep, 2014

Hahah very Funny Videos i like this video of Funny Qasai

Yahya - Karachi 17 Sep, 2014