Sacrificial Cow

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Qurbani Cow Running

By roshni On Thursday, September 15 2016 From karachi

In Pakistan have many Qurbani cow mandi’s and in mandi have many beautiful and expensive cow compare the Pakistani and the other countries mondi are not then the bigger of pakistan

Qurbani Cow Running

By areesha On Tuesday, September 06 2016 From karachi

In Pakistan now a day Qurbani’s animals are too much expensive its rates are very high when I was bought the Qurbani animal I was shoked to listen its price

Qurbani Cow Running

By Dawood On Sunday, September 04 2016 From Karachi

Yesterday I went to bakra mandi Lahore when I listened animals price I am shocked because its price are too higher so I don’t bought any animal

Qurbani Cow Running

By Ashar On Tuesday, August 30 2016 From Karachi

I also uploaded many videos like this because I like to making a videos who amazed the public as well as you seen this