Snake v/s Kid

Its a little baby with a snake but..i think they've taken out the venom though..have a look at this..its scary..shocking
Watch video of Snake v/s Kid submitted by Asif on May 27, 2009. This video of Snake v/s Kid has total 7218 (seven thousand two hundred and eighteen) Views on Snake v/s Kid.

Category: Bizarre & Weird

Asif  |  May 27, 2009  |  7218 Views

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unbliveable , I am in a fog to see that amazing.....

  • By Mr.Kashif Umar Rathor, Form karachi
  • On 22 Jun, 2010

we are raily impresd

  • By sohail, Form greece larissa
  • On 08 Dec, 2009

میرے خیال سے کسی کی اچھی کوشش کو آپ اچھا نہیں کہ سکتے تو برا کیوں کہتے ہیں

  • By abdul latif jelani, Form lahore
  • On 18 Jun, 2009

this is an indian clip

  • By sana, Form Karachi
  • On 09 Jun, 2009