Bangladesh Decision Taken Back

Jazz Mar 27, 2014 3570 Views

Category: Cricket

After Correspondence of ICC Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has taken back the decision of not to fly any Country flag during the match.
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We Won't Give It Back

By Muhammad Fazal On 30 Mar, 2014 form Dubai

Intolerant and illegitimate Haseena Wajid's government has been exposed to the world because of its unfair decision of banning Bangladeshi citizens from taking foreign countries flags into Bangladeshi grounds.

We Won't Give It Back

By Ahmed Sheikh On 30 Mar, 2014 form Jeddah

The present Bangladeshi govt. is trying its level best to please India. Anything anti-Pakistan & they are ready to do it. They know that many quarters in their public & society love Pakistan. They are frightened of the outcome. They may do anything to please India but will gain nothing in the end & will suffer.