How Muslims Are Treated In USA

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islam is the best relegion....

somia - karachi 21 Dec, 2014

I am proud American Muslim , most of us more free to practice and be Muslim in USA then any country in the world including all Muslim countries I will not trade places with anyone.

ash - wasington dc 17 Aug, 2009

this is not a film scene this is so true.

alian - USA,newyork 01 Aug, 2009

Bikul Theek bat hai Ye sab tu ek long time plan hai pakistan ya Dosre Musalmano k khilaf,,Or ye sab sazish horahi hain Musalmano k khilaaf,,Warna Urope Countries main sab se Zyada tazleel Women ki ki jati hai..Warna Islam Tu Bohot pyara Deen hai,Jo kisi gali ya goli se nahin Balke apni daleel se Insaniyat ko Islam ki taraf raghib karta hai or yahi waja hai k Kuffar darte hain k kahin ya deen pori duniya per Rayij na hojayee,,Allah pak hamara Hamid_O_Nasir....

Muhamaad Ali Abbasi - Karachi 29 May, 2009

Mr. Valeed Mustafa, you are not the president of Pakistan and you and your community are not at the position who can allow taliban to do as well what they are doing. It is all belongs to our high commands and this is their's duty to stop crime "in what ever terms" And in all over the world we still have respects with our own behavior. If some body do as well it think we should understand his mentality. In this clip you can see how many ppls are with her and how many against her.

Aamir Aziz - Lahore 11 May, 2009

Unfortunately, Islam is still perceived in this country as a dangerous menace, an image often reinforced by the media's portrayal of international political events. The characteristics of the faith practiced by millions too often have become confused with the politics and actions of a few in the name of Islam. As a result, many Muslims in the United States have experienced firsthand prejudice and discrimination

SMKNYC - New York 08 May, 2009

I am Kashif Hussain Advocate Lahore, proud be a Muslim even its honor for me i born in a Muslim family, but its also fact that some culprits are going to demolish all of our tradition and values, our relative living were proud also when they introduce them self as a Muslim but these days every thing is changed they are now hiding them self even feel shame due to embarrassing activities of so called Muslim know as taliban.

I think we should realize the situation and should take action immediately against this taliban virus otherwise they will over Pakistan.
Being a Muslim and a loyal Pakistani i m very much worried about the current situation of Pakistan, i feel our burning from one side. we should stand together specially our Political leaders to save Pakistan.

Kashif Hussain Advocate - Lahore 24 Apr, 2009

I am Ali
Pakistan main is waqat kafi atank phela hoa hai hamari hakoomat ko chahea k wo iss atank ko khatam karay Allah Pakistan ko abad rakhay Allah hamaray hookmarano ko iss ki hifazat karnay ki toofeeq ata farmai
Khuda Hafiz

M. Ali - Lahore 22 Apr, 2009

it was so pathetic to see. it totally astonished me that how we are being treated by the most cultured{so called} nation of the world.where we are standing?
no unity,
no faith,
no patience,
no respect,
secularism coated in modernism,
no hope,
no discipline,
no love for islam ,
then it is apparent that we will be treated as ignorant people of arab,similarly as they were treated by jews before the advent of Islam in Arab.
i pray to Allah to give us guidance before it gets too late to turn over a new leave.

ovais - karachi 14 Apr, 2009

it not real seen it is film seen

zafar khalil khan - karachi 07 Apr, 2009

اسلام و علیکم۔
پاکیستان میں ان طالبان نے داہشت گردی کی وجہ سے اسلام کو بدنام کر رکھا ہے۔ ان سب دہشت گردں کو ختم کرنا چاہیے۔ اس میں ہمارا قصور ہے ہم نے خود ان کو ڈھیل دے رکھی ہے۔الله ہمیں ان سے بچائے آمین۔

valeed mustafa - lahore 06 Apr, 2009