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فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Fahad On Monday, May 03 2021 From Islamabad

I was looking for a portal where I can get details about the Islamic dates for whole year. This website just solved my problem by offering the updated Islamic calendar.

فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Emad On Monday, April 26 2021 From Peshawar

Being a Muslim, we should posses the information about the current Hijri date in our country. However, this Islamic calendar is very helpful in this regard as we can find details about all upcoming events.

فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Malik On Thursday, April 15 2021 From Rawalpindi

the page has mentioned every detail comprehensively. It is one of the best sites on the internet to learn. the islamic calendar consists of 354 - 355 days unlike the english calendar that comprises 365 - 366 days.

فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Nawaz On Wednesday, April 14 2021 From Lahore

it is the most comprehensive Islamic calendar i have seen online. unarguably the best resource to check any important upcoming religious event or stay up to date with this the Islamic calendar.

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