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فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Saghar On Friday, September 09 2022 From France

The Islamic calendar is also known as the Arabic and Hijri calendars. It is extensively used in Muslim countries and has the exact dates of all historical events. Muslims value the Islamic month for a variety of reasons. The month closely resembles the genuine narrative of Islamic events by using the moon's phases.

فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Ibrahim On Tuesday, September 06 2022 From Saudi Arabia

The Islamic Calendar is based on 354–355 days annually and is 10–11 days shorter than the western calendar. The Islamic calendar is used to note all of the significant dates in Islamic history. As a result, it is highly valued among Muslim homes.

فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Waqas On Wednesday, August 31 2022 From Sukkur

This calendar date depends on moon sightings in the country, can we check all moon sightings scientifically? I saw some countries don't have any committees to check moon sightings. Can we also allow to follow some other country moon sightings?

فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Kashif On Saturday, August 27 2022 From France

The Islamic calendar is also known as the Arabic and Hijri calendars. It is widely used in Muslim countries and has exact dates for all historical events. There are numerous reasons why Muslims value the Islamic month.

Culture is the most significant aspect of a country that makes you unique from others. Every country is sensitive about the culture they are part of. The Asian culture is different from Chinese, and European culture is distinct from Americans. Culture not only comprises of life style, it also accommodates cuisine, attire, taste & preferences. Every culture has its own charm and positivity that can impress you.

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