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فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Hassan On Monday, January 16 2023 From UK

Islamic Dates are based on the Moon phases during an entire month. By looking at this page it is easier for us to know the starting date of Ramadan. Plan my volunteer work by scheduling task on specified islamic dates.

فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Fatima On Monday, January 16 2023 From Gilgit

Muslims have a strong dedication to the month of Muharram. It's one of the four holy months in the Arabic calendar that were stated. The second holiest month is Muharram.

فرانس بیلون میلہ

By Sohail On Thursday, January 05 2023 From Karachi

Each historical event is recognized with these dates.Muharram is the starting month of Islamic year where Nephew of Prophet (pbuh) sacrifice his life. Fasting on 9 and 10 day of muharram is observed.

فرانس بیلون میلہ

By imran Tahir On Tuesday, January 03 2023 From New York

thanks for updating new calendar on page Islamic Calendar 2023 is started and now waiting for Ramadan. Starting of ramazan is from Rajab. can you please mention page here for updated ramadan calendar for 2023.

Culture is the most significant aspect of a country that makes you unique from others. Every country is sensitive about the culture they are part of. The Asian culture is different from Chinese, and European culture is distinct from Americans. Culture not only comprises of life style, it also accommodates cuisine, attire, taste & preferences. Every culture has its own charm and positivity that can impress you.

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