/funny/charlie-chaplin-eating-machine_39365 Charlie Chaplin Eating Machine
Charlie Chaplin Eating Machine
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Fire Broke Out At Sindh Secretariat Office In Karachi
Street Crime In Karachi Defence View Society Caught On CCTV Footage
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Dolphins At Churna Island, Karachi
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فرانس بیلون میلہ
Here I am just landing to check the date of Youm e Ashura, in an Islamic Calendar this is the most historical day . Insha Allah I will keep the fast for this day and perform the Nawafil.
waqas, khiSunday, September 01 2019
فرانس بیلون میلہ
This Islamic calendar page is a perfect source of information. You can easily check the dates regarding the 9th and 10th Muharram in Pakistan as Muharram holidays announcement is not finalized yet but they are expected on 9th and 10th September.So the 10 Muharram 2019 date in Pakistan may be come on Tuesday.
huma, khiSaturday, August 31 2019
فرانس بیلون میلہ
Can anyone tell me what was the Islamic date in Pakistan on 13 November 2014
Mohsin, RawalpindiSaturday, August 31 2019
فرانس بیلون میلہ
1st Muharram 2019 in Pakistan is just around the corner. This Islamic calendar 2019 Pakistan is a perfect guide for people who want to know about 10 Muharram 2019 date in Pakistan. It is better to utilize this page as the Muharram holidays announcement or 10th Muharram 2019 in Pakistan.
ghazal, khiFriday, August 30 2019
فرانس بیلون میلہ
I always visit this calendar to view the dates of important upcoming Islamic events. It gives an excellent overview of the whole Islamic year in a single view.
Khalid Pervez , Pir mahal pakistanThursday, August 29 2019

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