Pakistani Shahrukh Khan

Saad Mehmood Jun 03, 2009 7056 Views

Category: Funny

This guy is Best and Performing His Best........
The Last Scene is Awesome And Real Like Shahrukh Khan...
Watch video of Pakistani Shahrukh Khan submitted by Saad Mehmood on Jun 03, 2009. This video of Pakistani Shahrukh Khan has total 7056 (seven thousand and fifty-six) Views on Pakistani Shahrukh Khan.


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We Won't Give It Back

By Saad Mehmood On 05 Jul, 2009 form Islamabad

Karim, I Think Everything is Clear now......

We Won't Give It Back

By Faisal On 03 Jul, 2009 form karachi

Please tell, What Shahrukh Khan say wrong word about Huzoor (S.A.W.)

We Won't Give It Back

By Karim On 01 Jul, 2009 form karachi

Dear All ; please open ur eyes he is the one who give negative remarks against Huzoor(S.AW.W) one should not follow/copy such kind of personality who have no religion And i must say that he is murtad ..........

We Won't Give It Back

By Muhammad Ijaz siddiqui On 09 Jun, 2009 form Lahore

خدا کے لئے اچھے انسان اور اچھے پاکستانی بنو اور ٹیپو سلطان کو اپنا اپنا آیڈیل بناؤ ندیم کو کاپی کرو شاہ رخ کا بھی کوئی کردار ہے

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