Rizk ki Talaash

Watch video of Rizk ki Talaash submitted by Iqbal Malik on Aug 07, 2009. This video of Rizk ki Talaash has total 23835 (twenty-three thousand eight hundred and thirty-five) Views on Rizk ki Talaash.

رزق کی تلاش
اس وڈیو میں ایک چیونٹی ایک مری ہوئی مکھی کو اپنے کھانے کے لئے گھسیٹ کر لے جا رہی ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔

Category: Inspirational

Iqbal Malik  |  Aug 07, 2009  |  23835 Views

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پاپی پیٹ کا سوال ہے۔

  • By Bakhtiar Nasir, Form Lahore
  • On 26 Jun, 2010

Very very good video

  • By eyeaem, Form Islamabad
  • On 21 Aug, 2009

This was an excellent Video. Not everyone has such a fantastic observation.

  • By Sajjad, Form Toronto
  • On 07 Aug, 2009

Very Good ... I Think it is Best of 2009 and should be Found First Prize By Our Admin. Word ia Amazed .... Great Thing !!

  • By Dr.Afzaal Malik, Form rawalpindi
  • On 07 Aug, 2009