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Ex President General Pervez Musharraf Life

ماں کے نام


Rizk ki Talaash

Video Duration: 54 sec 23809 views

ماں تو آخر ماں ہوتی ہے

Video Duration: 215 sec 12310 views

Great msg.......


ماں تو آخر ماں ہوتی ہے

Video Duration: 215 sec 12310 views

Pakistan Zindabad


Power of Faith

Video Duration: 56 sec 4473 views

Rizk ki Talaash

Video Duration: 54 sec 23809 views

Proud Pakistani


This is my ''HIJAB '' I w

Video Duration: 306 sec 3836 views

Tribute to Mothers (Most

Video Duration: 223 sec 4837 views

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John Hanson - An American who speaks URDU and Love Pakistan.

By Raisa On Tuesday, June 02 2015 From Franklin

Well done Can Ihave your email address please?

The Word Log Kya Kahenge Should Not Matter

By RATHOER On Friday, May 22 2015 From karachi


Heart Touching

By qertgry On Monday, March 16 2015 From gtyjf

V nice

Airport's security officer saves a baby in an amazing catch

By shahzad On Monday, March 02 2015 From Gujrat

great work

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