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This give great to every one to donate blood. A cute girl thanking every one for donating blood give emotional msg. Watch "Great msg" and other videos @
Watch video of Great msg....... submitted by saima30 on Mar 01, 2013. This video of Great msg....... has total 9840 (nine thousand eight hundred and forty) Views on Great msg........

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saima30  |  Mar 01, 2013  |  9840 Views

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50 Years before there were no such dangerous this much.. but becz of Nuclear tests and wars the atmosphere is full of dangerous gases and mechanical etc etc,, so as a result every one is facing chronic diseases such as Cancer, T.B. Hepatitis A,B, & C , Blood cancer, etc etc...Developed countries are destroying the nature and as a result human being is suffering...May Allah Help us......

  • By Asim Khan, Form Abu Dhabi
  • On 12 Mar, 2013

How Sweet yar....

  • By Dr Zain, Form Jhang
  • On 02 Mar, 2013


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