United State of Pakistan

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Pakistan i love you and i miss you, this video makes me miss Pakistan too much, i spent 24 years of my life since my birth in my country and now i am far away from it, nothing is like this country, *yeahhh pakistan ki sabziyan pakistan ka fruit.. bhut zaiqa hay, aur kaheen b chalay jaye aisa zaiqa nahe hay* i sware on this thing that its totally right, always praying for you my country...... missing you :(

Hassan from Saudi Arabia

Hassan - jeddah 26 May, 2013

When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far , no one can ever tear them apart

sajalay - lh 25 May, 2013

Nice song i love Pakistan its triditions, cultures and all the way it is but the title of this video seems odd coz we have to makeup our own pakistan buildup as an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN and moves forward as a youth my responsibility is to serve it by casting vote by xtra curricular activities that enhance its structural as well as moral values. I wish all the foreigners Pakistani to contribute their part, To play their role.As Pakistan need it!
Think about it, Its not a time to make a conversation only lets make a change

Rida Asif - Karachi,Pakistan. 11 May, 2013

i love so so much my country and my city lahore

ahmad - waterfort. ireland 15 Apr, 2013

Pakistan is the jewel on the forehead of world face. InshaAllah Pakistan will be the fortress of Islam.We are in the crisis situation but we will overcome and overpowered the state of dismay as Pakistani never loose heart and hope as Allah has established this nation in the auspicious night of Shabb-e-Qadr .He will never let us down Insha Allah only we have to do introspection and correct the deficiencies .Then once gain we will be on our feet InshaAllah. Ameen

Muhammad Shahid - Toronto,Canada 14 Apr, 2013


Jalal - Karachi 21 Mar, 2013

Why you want to promote new title of United States of Pakistan,
As an independent country we have written constitution which is overwhelmingly agreed where name of Pakistan is as below,
"Islamic Republic of Pakistan".
New idea is an outcome of a USA think tank promotional policy,
It is their deep desire to disintegrate Pakistan,
As for as Provincial Autonomy is concerned, the ability of Provincial Leadership is responsible,
The public of respective provinces either directly or indirectly responsible to elect/forced to elect their representativesm
If these Provincial Leadership not delivered to masses, Pakistan, Constitution is not responsible,
Let us to promote,
Literate, believed and practiced Justice,
Promote Education, firmly follow Merit and Basic need for lesser privileged peoples,
To safeguard, Ladies basic rights, Must be protected their dignity, honor and protected them from Sexual abuses.
National Language, it doesn't mean ignore Provincial Languages,
Moral must be promoted, religious rights be protected and all sorts of negative communication tactics be stopped.
Yes we Pakistani are proud to be Pakistani, we have vibrant cultures, most strategic location and to perform unpredicted good/bad things,
Consistency, Moral, to get any things by Legal way, Tax pay culture,
Last but not least,
Abolished bribery, Drugs, strictly follow safety rules and Cleanliness of thoughts and Environment,
We will emerge as Miraculous nation, can do any unbelievable performance,
Islam, Pakistan , Quaid e Azam Zindabad.
USA+Israel+India and their paid workers down down.

Abdul Malik - Karachi 12 Mar, 2013

Dil Dil Pakistan Jan Jan Pakistan .Long Live Pakistan.dhray ka jatka zoor say lagy.

Dr izzat khan - karachi 12 Mar, 2013

Pakistan Zindabad....Despite all the efforts of kuffars/ mushrekeens and munafeqeens Insha Allah Pakistan will be there on their chest... it was created by ALLAH in very difficult situation, its surviving in difficult situation and it will be there Insha Allah in every difficult situation... But people living inside Pakistan have to think for betterment of their behaviours


Long long live mutidymentional cultural cheerful most beautiful Pakistan.
I love Pakistan I miss Pakistan and will always.

Rana Tabassum Pasha(Daur) - Dallas,USA 11 Mar, 2013