Sawaab - Short Film

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i cant stop my tears while watching this video..... so sad.

kiana - london 26 Jun, 2014

This kind of doctor should be hanged..........

mushtaq ahmad - lahore 10 Dec, 2012

Though sitting in office of 50 people but cant stop my tears.... !

Shah - Hong Kong 28 Nov, 2012

ye dunya ek circle hai jo jesa boega wo wesa hi kate ga .waqt apne ap ko duhrata hai naey andas se .is lea insan ko ese kaam krne chahey k uski akhrat sanwar jaey or esa na ho k jb us pr kbhi esa waqt parey to usey apni koi neki yad na aey.

[[email protected]] - karachi 24 Nov, 2012

very sad and so cheap conditions of our doctors .no doubt this short movie is really true.such type of brutal doctors should be hanged,they are not doctors they are butcher..enemy of this sacred profession.a number of victim of these doctors in Pakistan and their strength is growing and increasing and no one is taking notice or action over this openly killing..these doctors are more dangers then do cots,robbers and terrorist ..........

safdar - bhakkar 23 Nov, 2012

excellent. god bless video loader

ashfaq - Islamabad 21 Nov, 2012

moter cycle gharib log chalatay hay aour amir log car ,apnay wazir azam aor sadar ko bata dayna gharib log hee wwot ppp ko datay hay amir nahee q ppp ko dabo raha hay

salmankhalil - karachi 18 Nov, 2012

Excellent,,,,,,this is the real face of our society...

Nusrat - ctn 18 Nov, 2012

dailoks is so naice. and naice video keep it up.

sardar - Islamabad 18 Nov, 2012