Angry Bull Before Qurbani - Cow Qurbani Attack Funny Video

Added by Hina Javad on Sep 25, 2013 134937 Views


This bull is looking very pretty and healthy but this is very danger spacially for childrens many peoples are injured for this type of bulls.

faiz - khi 17 Sep, 2016

Many peoples are not bought the bulls because it is very expensive and this is very denger to Qurbani that’s why its not Qurban to easily on Eid

shehnaz - lahore 15 Sep, 2016

This bull is looking very pretty and healthy but this is very danger spacially for childrens many peoples

naila - pindi 15 Sep, 2016

This bull is looking very dangerous in this photo bull is very big this is not expensive bull I see many expensive bull higher than this

areeb - karachi 06 Sep, 2016

This is amazing bull its looks very beautiful and pretty but its scared look and it also very dangerous children’s are too scared to see this

arshad - lahore 06 Sep, 2016

This bull looks very angry people look for enjoy but it is too much dangerous people get the injured from this Qurbani bull because it is very angry to Qurbani time

Zaidi - Karachi 04 Sep, 2016

this is little funny but too much dangerous video man is so lucky when he saved this bull he is looking very angry any body have to save own child

Ashfaaq - Karachi 04 Sep, 2016

I upload my own videos after someday I made it and these all are amazing and I think you will enjoy it as this video

Fahad - Karachi 30 Aug, 2016

Now I easily take a survey of every cattle farm at my home because of this page please add rates of every cow there

Aslam - Karachi 30 Aug, 2016

I have seen many this type of cases that bull attacks on butcher before immolate and it was a very mazing moment

Sarim - Karachi 30 Aug, 2016

This is the Lucky day for him that he safe otherwise I saw many accident where people get injury from the Qurbani Bull because they are the animal and the ager animal do anything with you that you can’t expect at the moment

Jameel - Karachi 28 Aug, 2016

The Bull is very Dangerous but they handle it and that I have also seen some herotic scene in this video how can Butcher grab the rope

Kaleem - Karachi 28 Aug, 2016

funy clip

Shahzaib - lahore 21 Sep, 2015

Never make a bull angry before sacrifice. they can give really tough time to the butchers and will be very difficult to handle. I love watching this video and glad that you guys actually shared it here

Ikram - Lahore 18 Sep, 2015

Oh my god! I really got scared for a minute as the Bull are extremely angry before being sacrificed. It is rather scary than funny to me. Brave people I must say. Please upload more videos of this sort.

Palwasha - Peshawar 18 Sep, 2015

Wow! Last year my bull was also gave a very tough time to the butchers but in the end the butchers were succeed to get control this bull, I also made a video of it which I wil share in this site soon.

Moin - Karachi 31 Aug, 2015

This is a very dangerous bull which I see in this video but if the butcher is well experience so you know it is very easy to sacrifice every dangerous bull with in a few minutes, I will also share this video to my friends.

sameer - khi 27 Aug, 2015

ahahhah very funny cow video add more and mroe also on facebook page.

Arham - khi 25 Aug, 2015

when did she attacked?? i was watching the whole video till the end but there was nothing like cow qurbani attack.

uzair - khi 25 Aug, 2015

qurbani cows are very funny each year i see lots of cow videos making funny things

Noshad - Karachi 01 Oct, 2014

It was very short video clip qurbani cow add another long one

Amaid - Karachi 29 Sep, 2014

This is very angry qurbani cow its not his mistake the cow is very arrogant and lots of attituted i think we are blaming the qasai

Huma - Karachi 23 Sep, 2014

Please include the complete video clip of this cow because its looking very aggresive, i think it tease very much to the every one.

mani - khi 20 Sep, 2014

you should not make video and capture any pic of qurbani cow because it turns your qurbani cow in show piece and Allah does not accept such types of Qurbani who are done just to show people

Asad - Karachi 20 Sep, 2014

So this is not funny video

Sirab - Karachi 19 Sep, 2014

is mein funny kiya tha..:P

faizan - rawalpindi 18 Oct, 2013

waste of time

mal'al - multan 17 Oct, 2013

video is not funny at all but your chawalian were very funny hahahahhaahahahah paindoooo sary zammany k bewaqoof .............. aik bail lay ker sari dunya ko dikhanay k leay video buna dali ha shodon nay bewaqoof........................

ali - afghanistan 17 Oct, 2013

Miss Hina Shah!what is so funny about this idea?You wasted the precious time of viewers.

Dr.Babar Zaman - Karachi 17 Oct, 2013