Most Beautiful Cow at Sohrab Goth Mandi - Cow Qurbani in Karach..

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Please upload more videos of Cow on this platform I really want to see them all.

Zehreen - Lahore 15 Sep, 2015

I really like the entrance dilpasand gate in the mandi which you can see from very far. This time I also like the cleanliness and all the facilities specially the car parking and police security is also able to appreciate.

abdul wasay - khi 09 Sep, 2015

karachi Cow Mandi is awesome i went there last week i have did not buy anything but this weekend i will go and buy a cow for qurbani

Amir - Khi 09 Sep, 2015

very beautiful i like it they are very beautiful i want to come in karachi from london to to mandi

saher - london 07 Sep, 2015

Is it the latest 2015 video in the dilpasand farm? I think it may be two years old because I listen the voice of Garam Anday in this video, in this season I never saw and the animals are also healthy.

abdul sami - khi 06 Sep, 2015

karachi Cow Mandi is best place to buy cow and bakra.... i am going mandi today and tomorrow who is going with me???

irtaza - khi 05 Sep, 2015

One of the big Cow mandi it is where the Qurbani display on large numbers of variety.

Salman - Faislabad 31 Aug, 2015

karachi Cow Mandi is like my second home i sell my cows in karachi Cow Mandi each year and I make at least 10 lacs from selling my cows.

Bashir Lal - khi 27 Aug, 2015

Ma Sha Allah WOw very beautiful and pretty cow i love this cow last year we bought cow like this but she was not that cute and pretty... this time i will try to find the cows like this and i know i will find very beautiful Cow

Arshad - Karachi 17 Sep, 2014