Best Car Rim Idea - Cars Lover Must Watch This Video

Added by Jazz on Sep 17, 2014 10020 Views


Its all happening due to the LED lights, many peoples invent many devices with the help of it.

mubashir - khi 25 Mar, 2015

This idea is not first because many of the crazy persons are also doing in the bikes and cars and i also saw in the auto riksha.

shukla - delhi 12 Feb, 2015

I make this type of LED tools in many equipments but no doubt its looking so nice in this car wheels. It is a work for passionate peoples who like to make it brilliant.

sameer - khi 12 Dec, 2014

After watching this video i also get experience to make this beautiful LED light Alloy rim but when i run my car in a full speed it stop lightning, i think its circuit is break.

nouman - khi 11 Dec, 2014

What a lovely idea of making LED light car rim, i will also try to apply it in my bicycle but i am thinking about from where i can put the battery of it which is very hard task?

waleed - khi 20 Nov, 2014

Same this idea we can also use in the wheel of bike, i think it could look better in the bike wheel. I will make it and share the video very soon.

riaz - hydrabad 29 Oct, 2014

Yes, i think it will cause an accident due to the reflections of this light the opposite car driver cannot see the perfect view of a road, it might be a risky.

imran - khi 25 Oct, 2014

This idea is great but not new, i saw this thing live with my own eyes. For the upcoming days this type of rims will be available in the market but it will be a great cause of an accident.

yasir - khi 24 Sep, 2014