England Umpire Match Fixing

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to all users and uploader of this vdo i want to say that, after every year ICC review all the umpires performance in past year and on the behalf of that, they grant next contract to umpires. Dont accused Umpires as a match fixers. This look a lame excuse. Pak always in trouble my match fixing scandals.And in every match you will find some questionable decisions by Umpires. But this is Paki nation habit that they always blame umpires or match fixing for their defeats. From Pakistan

Arsalan Mujahid Ghouri - Karachi 10 Jan, 2011

main apni pakistan teem k saath hou wo esi gandi harkat ni kar sakte

M Sabeel jaan - tank 22 Oct, 2010

Right absolutely there was no such thing in this case Spot fixing term. Actually first pakistan level the series against Australia later on beat England at Oval.In the end it was quite interesting situation if pakistan wins in
last test then series become leveled and pakistan can be positioned in table up in Test Ranking. Similarly in T20
matches pakistani team was weakened by propaganda through media and result pakistan lose against England
and becme sencond in Rank.More in future World cup is near and no pakistan is pressurized to play without
their key Bollers Aamer & Asif, because danger is for Australia,England,India and this triangle capture the whole
situation to weakened the Pakistan Team in Future. But Allah will do what with them they will see soon.

zubair - Lahore 20 Oct, 2010

is waqt hume apni team k 7 hona chahiye yaar no ball to koi bhi kra sakta hai it doesnt matter!!!
shame on ICC...((((((((((((((((

BinteKamal - Karachi 07 Oct, 2010

shame over ICC, ECB and the Umpires who gave wrong decisions. shame shame shame ICC ECB
pakistan team is great

arman - muzaffer garh punjab 25 Sep, 2010

This video must be sent to Sharad Pawar the top cheater and specially to our foreign Minister SAHAB for review to i beg him to PLZ PLZ PLZ be Pakistani on this time PLZ, English and Indians are cheats and Jackals (in the ground and in the battle field( Pakistan Zindabad)

Faruq - Karachi 25 Sep, 2010

han sahi kha is video ko zada s zada send kia jay or pakistan cricket board is k khlif eng s icc s action lay

bilal - karachi 24 Sep, 2010

this is too much..pakistan k nam wase he badnam ha agar pakistan kuch galt soche b to america tak bat ponche hote ha our hangame shuru ho jate ha..par ab is umpire sa koi pochne wala ha..

Aamir Sultan Q - peshawar 24 Sep, 2010

yeah hamesha he hota raha hai pakistan k sath zayadati hoti rae hai
mein ne kafi matches mein dekha hai k hamesha umpire galat fasela dety rahay hein,aur hamasha he pakistanies player k sath zayadati karty rahy hien

bilal qureshi - Rawalpindi 23 Sep, 2010



سب ھمارے دشمن ھے یاد رکہو سب کے سب ھمارے ملک کو توڑنے کی کوشش مسلسل جاری رکہے ہوئے ہے اور یہ سارے ہراس وجودکو ختم کرنے کی ناپاک جسارت کرتے ہے جسکا تعلق پاکستان سے ھو جب تک سورج چاند رہیگا پاکستان بہی رہیگا اور کا شان بہی رہیگا ہمیں فخر ہے اپنی عظیم دھرتی پر ۔۔۔۔۔پاکستان پائندہ باد

qasim zia - quetta balochistan 23 Sep, 2010

jb pakistani bollar no ball karyata ha to media uth marte ha aab jb pakistani ka sath na insaafie hwe to aab media kha ha?

tariqsario - larkana/Ratodero 23 Sep, 2010